Actionable Intelligence

Metropolitan Police

Visualising the future of crime investigation.

The Metropolitan Police asked us to produce a film to open their annual International Communications Data and Digital Forensics conference. They wanted something impactful, to grab the attention of attendees and set the scene for this year’s theme: effective digital investigation through lawful exploitation.

With a colour palette inspired by heat maps, we used motion graphics and tracked in footage to show data journeys traversing across a digital landscape and the footprint they leave behind.

‘Morever were asked to create a promotional video based upon a few initial facts, figures and ideas. Within a few days they had created a storybook and taken the initial conversation into a visual concept. The final polished film was completed on time and budget with the team leading us through the process with great enthusiasm and professionalism. I would have no hesitation is using the Morever team for future projects.’

Andy Beet, NPCC DCG Futures Group,  The Metropolitan Police
March 2018