NTDs – The Missing Thread


Sensory stand at the 2019 Women Deliver Conference.

Neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) affect 1.6 billion of the poorest people on our planet.
Exposed to NTDs in their day-to-day tasks, women and girls are disproportionately affected by these diseases and consequently live less fulfilling, more isolated lives.

How do you communicate this and make an exhibition booth that really that stands out?
On the 3-6 of June at the 2019 Women Deliver Conference in Vancouver, Uniting to Combat NTDs ran an immersive exhibition booth, imagined and brought to life by Morever.


Our sensory booth/stand was designed to draw in world leaders, policy makers, influencers and advocates present at the conference by encouraging them to engage with experiences associated with NTDs and the regions which suffer most with these ‘diseases of the poor’.
It included an interactive odour wall, a viewing porthole through which visitors could make direct eye contact with arresting close-up footage of female African’s eyes, life-sized portraits of women and girls from Ethiopia, printed and digital flyers and a subtitled split-screen film.

Morever also produced stylised conference presentation slides, a presentation film and an online quiz which tested visitor knowledge. This digital element helped the client to monitor the stand’s effectiveness. A limited edition ‘Worms and Ladders’ board game which we also designed and produced as a fun NTD educational tool provided visitors with an incentive to complete the quiz but also served as a great reminder of their visit to the booth.

‘Thank you to Dan and the entire team at Morever for being a fantastic creative partner for our presence at Women Deliver Conference 2019. We were looking for creative ways to communicate our sometimes complicated messaging on neglected tropical diseases to a wholly new audience and you did not fail to deliver!  I was very happy with the outcome of our collaboration. A genuinely nice team of people to work with, that went all out in support of our work. Looking forward to further collaboration. I cannot recommend the team enough. Now, where is my Tej?’

Thoko Elphick-Pooley
Director, Uniting to Combat NTDs

Initial Concepts

Our preliminary concept design ideas revolved around a traditionally sourced Ethiopian necklace. We substituted the traditionally round beads for elements derived from the client logo. The softened edges of the irregular quadrilateral beads contrasted the sharp corners of the physical build of the booth.
This necklace was developed into a graphic motif that strung together the whole project and symbolised the message at the core of our clients’ ethos: NTDs are currently the ‘missing thread’.

Content Gathering

Whilst the office was being filled with creative brainstorming, Dan our Creative Director travelled to Ethiopia to gather material and footage for the project. He was joined by our talented photographer in Africa Damian Schumann, Thoko Elphick-Pooley Director at Uniting, Patrick Lee Comms & Social Producer at Uniting, and representatives from the Ministry of Health for Ethiopia.

The filming process was unpredictable, with one shoot day cut unexpectedly short by a dust storm and no real prior knowledge of who we would be able to shoot, and in what environment. However, Dan and Damien successfully shot a number of beautifully candid portraits of women and girls with their dresses and hair billowing in the preemptive sandstorm winds. Many of these strong and proud women generously invited the group to shoot in their homes, and the last film day included a surprise play put on by school kids in a Tigray village.

Creative Challenges

The unique set up of the sensory stand meant that during the production process, the Morever team was faced with a number of unexpected challenges. One unforeseen challenge was shipping two of the NTD inspired smells ‘Stagnant water’ and ‘Tar Soap’. Due to their flammability there were special customs arrangements required and we eventually resorted to using alternative odours of ‘Cloves’ and ‘Cut Grass’.

After two months of hard work the project finally came to life and both the stand and Women Deliver Conference proved to be a huge success.

We loved the opportunity to break creative boundaries in order to disseminate the knowledge of NTDs during this project. The sensory exposure to the subject proved to be essential in fully engaging participants and driving them to support the cause by spreading knowledge of the diseases. This project utilised our core skills and is a showcase for how we can take a project from conception through to final delivery seamlessly, while staying highly flexible and responsive to changing circumstances and client needs.

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