Build it and they will come.

The MS Society

Authentic stories from authentic interactions.

The MS Society asked us to produce a brand film to celebrate the supporting role they play in the community. We delivered this bold and moving piece (we challenge you not to cry!).

The concept, devised by our very own Abi Mellor, was devilishly simple but brilliantly evocative. Part of our ethos and mission as an agency is to really understand not only our charity clients’ needs but the community they serve, and then package all this understanding into something that will resonate with a wide audience. For this job we created a space on-set where all the participants sat together, a cosy and communal area of sofas and bean bags, this created a wonderfully collaborative environment where the contributors could talk but also where they felt really part of the production behind the camera and in front of it. Creating that environment and the authentic atmosphere that ensued between everyone is what shines through and makes for a truly authentic and successful film.

‘The team at Morever impressed us with a strong vision for how our brand story, community and the journey people living with MS go on could translate on screen. They showed incredible sensitivity to the complex range of emotions that come with an MS diagnosis, and created a safe space on the shoot day for all the participants, families and support networks. Perhaps most importantly they were flexible – from tailoring the shoot to our participants physical and emotional needs, to working with us to ensure the final edits met the technical accessibility requirements for audiences with hearing or sight difficulties.’

Chris Parker – Content and Creative Manager – MS Society


The music track – an instrumental piano version of Never Tear Us Apart by INXS – was an inspired find by Dan our Creative Director. We think it fits the piece beautifully but obtaining the rights to use this well-known track was not without its nerve-wracking moments. We needed approval from multiple licence-holders, the pianist (talented Jackie Perks) and the final lynchpin, the artists’ management. They thought it was such an ‘impactful and beautifully produced film’ that they offered it to us on a gratis basis, four months into the legal wrangling and a week before launch! Despite this being against Universal’s company policy, they made a special exception for an exceptional film – a testament to the film and the team that created it.

Take a look at the interactive version of the video here: