Mycetoma in Sudan


Filming the work of the Mycetoma Research Centre

As part of the filming tasks in 2018 for our client GHIT, we visited the Republic of the Sudan to see the work of Professor Ahmed Fahal and his amazing team.
The Mycetoma Research Centre in Khartoum (MRC) is the brainchild of Professor Fahal (affectionately dubbed ‘The Prof’) and is his life’s work.
The clinical trials in Sudan we filmed (for the drug fosravuconazole) are part of an R&D project run by several global partners, including DNDi and MRC, and are funded by GHIT and DFID amongst others. The potential global impact of these projects is enormous and with this one in the final stages of clinical trials it looks hopeful that an effective and safe treatment for mycetoma is near.

The dignity and warmth of the Sudanese people is in stark contrast to the harsh ravages of the disease itself.
Mycetoma was added to the list of Neglected Tropical Disease by the World Health Organisation in 2016 and the work of The Prof and his team was a major contributing factor in this change.
We were welcomed with great warmth and now stay in touch with The Prof and his team, hoping to return to the Sudan soon to catch up with these new found friends. Below is a short video we made for The Prof and the MRC.
Look out for our GHIT film about this project, dropping some time in 2019.