Morever marches into its 4th year


Reflections on last year’s achievements

Founded towards the end of 2014 by Abi Mellor, Larry Chan and Dan Mellor (who also founded bliink), we’re proud to see our agency move into its fouth year and take a look back at some of the highlights of 2017-2018.

To celebrate GHIT’s fifth anniversary (and mark our five-year journey with this amazing client),  we were delighted to help commemorate the important work that they do in the global health arena.

Utilising stunning footage captured across multiple shoots spanning America, Asia and Europe, we also interviewed key figures in global health, such as their partners The Wellcome Trust, pulling it all together to explain GHIT’s unique approach to increasing opportunities for global health research and development.

‘The films were amazingly beautiful and perfectly fitted the events. These films undoubtedly strengthen our brand.’

Bumpei Tamamura – Director of Brand Development, GHIT

Diabetes UK invited us to produce a film to drive their new brand voice and we saw an opportunity to capture a more engaging first-hand perspective on the film with some user-generated content. Read more about this approach to storytelling here.

‘We had a very collaborative experience working with Morever to develop our In it Together film. I was very impressed by the amount of time they took to understand diabetes as a serious condition, working closely with our participants.’

Matt Nicholls – Senior Brand Manager, Diabetes UK

Using a similar strategy but with a non-scripted narrative, the MS Society asked us to produce a brand support film to celebrate the supporting role they play in the community and we delivered this bold and moving piece (we challenge you not to cry!)
Find out more about the process we employed here:

This film is something we are very proud of and an experience that will stay with us for many years to come.
Find out more about the MS story here.

We had fun doing some 360° filming for The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicines. Using a GoPro Omni rig, with an array of six cameras and the  highest resolution available, we shot a guided tour of the school’s main facilities to show prospective overseas students what it’d be like to study there. Filming a presenter there was an extra layer of complication, needing to  trigger and monitor the rig remotely (so the camera op isn’t in shot) and make sure our post-production stitching was seamless.

This year we also worked with LSHTM on an animated explainer The Global Vector Hub, to showcase their open-access online resource designed to accelerate vector-borne disease research globally, and an informational film Bug Off! helping travellers to stay protected from mosquito-transmitted diseases.

‘The Morever team were easy to work with and very efficient. They were given an incredibly tight deadline as we needed the film for an upcoming event and produced a really good product despite this. We were overall very pleased with the outcome, so much so that I recommended Morever to another group at the School.  The team really got our concept.’

Grace Power – Project Manager – Disease Control, LSHTM

For Unilever, we worked closely with their Global Head of Security to create an animation that set out the purpose of their new standards and encouraged staff to roll them out to their teams – in the region of 100,000 employees. In such a huge organisation, it’s paramount to create something that speaks out and engages a disparate audience.

‘Morever delivered an excellent video to support the communication of our project throughout the organization. We were working under great time pressure and Morever went the extra mile to deliver on time in full!’

Paul-de Hartog – Modern Trade Strategic Projects Director, Unilever

And finally, we concluded a successful year with an animated, personalisable Christmas card for Crohn’s a& Colitis awareness week. It clocked up over 105k views.
You can check out one of the video cards made by celeb backer Carrie Grant of Fame Academy fame here.
Find out more about this client and project here: